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Awesome Map WP - Fully Customizable Markers Map (Wordpress Plugin)
Awesome Map is a WordPress Plugin that you can use to display a fully customizable markers map on your website. You can embed it everywhere, in an article, in yours pages or in your sidebars thanks to a really simple shortcode !

My Recent work

Pixademy.com : A personal photo project

Pixademy is a personal photo contest website that I have entirely developed and designed during several months.

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Webdesign (theme) for a landing page

Here is the webdesign (including the jQuery interaction) that I've created. A live demo of this work is available here.

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Bumpic.net : A funny pictures website

Bumpic.net is a funny picture website I've entirely made with the administration based on Wordpress.

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A Cool Portfolio for Mario

Here is a very simple portfolio that I've made for one of my customers (a friend of mine now :-)) .

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Last Client Testimonials

Love it! Love it! and did I mention... Love it! hahah, looks fantastic. You rock man. From now on, you are no longer Axel... You are "The Rock" because you rock :)

By Mario

Excellent service, super fast, professional quick response EXCELLENT communication. "EXCELLENT SERVICE" KEEP THE AWESOME JOB. SUPER HAPPY! :) Thank you,

By caromar7047

Just one word : PERFECT ! Really. I'm not the first one to say that he is the best and I'm sure you'll say the same. Don't hesitate !!!!!!

By benoiteb

Again, a very quick job and it's exactly what I need. This guy is a master ! TRUST HIM !

By Sophie

Incredible ! Amazing ! what a very very fast delivery of really great job. Don't hesitate one second if you need help. Very nice communication, very helpful, everything is perfect ! BEST GIG EVER !!!!!!

By gernomi

Genius is not a word I throw around lightly, but that's exactly what fraxool is. Quick turnaround, and knows what he's doing. HIGHLY recommended.

By otter

super fast! Excellent work....I'll definitely use again!!!!

By asescobedo

Job delivered nice and quick

By ringmasser

Service was so great I left a tip! ;-)

By bumpower

AMAZING!!! The real deal. Not only did they go above and beyond requirements, but they completed the job SUPERFAST!!! Highly recommend!

By sfwasabi

Great Person, Great Service, A+++++++++++

By jamesn27

Awesome... fixed it in 10 minutes flat.... you'll be my go-to guy for jquery from now on.

By brightlaunch